Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tough loss

Here's the deal.  I have tried blogging before.  Meh.  It was okay.  I updated the blog daily for while. Then weekly.  Then I tried to log in about 2 years later.  No dice.  So this is my new blog, for a while.  

I intend to blog about the things that interest me: the Packers, Badgers, crackpot libertarian causes,  and Jack Bauer.  Spoiler alert: I don't know much about any one topic, so I have to resort to taking a "shotgun" approach.  

The title of the blog is "All Kinds of Time,"  which is something of a joke (it's also a terrific Fountains of Wayne song about football).  I don't (or rather shouldn't) have all kinds of time.   I'm a lawyer (which keeps me pretty busy).  And I have two little boys: "Bratkowski" (3 1/2 and obsessed with robots, dinosaurs, trains, rockets, and the solar system) and "Starr" (10 months and obsessed with destruction and eating everything he finds on the floor).  They keep me pretty busy, too.  

So I really shouldn't be wasting time broadcasting my lame opinions.  But here's the rub: I'm also an opinionated a-hole (it's a lawyer-thing I think).  So there's a tension there.  

Anyhow, tough Packer loss today.  The Packer blogosphere (lame word---ugh) looks pretty bleak.  PackerAaron at cheeseheadtv has declared an end of the season.  Maybe even the end of beer. And the world.  Dogs and cats: living together.  Mass hysteria.

Oh, and PackerAaron is one of the level-headed bloggers.  [To be fair, PackerAaron has confessed to being sort of like a werewolf.  After every Packer loss, he assumes the shape of a lunatic and let lets loose all his most primal thoughts.  Then he reassumes his rational human form the following morning.  It's weird.]

Anyhow, you can't polish a turd. Today's loss hurts.  But the season is far from over.  If the Packers win out they will have an excellent chance at the playoffs.  Remember if the Packers beat the Bears and Lions (which would be a prerequisite of "winning out") the Packers would own the tiebreakers against all division rivals.  They would be 5-1 in the division.  No other team could be better than 4-2.

Plus, if the Packers beat the Bears, the Bears would only need to lose one of the following: Vikes (road), Jax (home), New Orleans (home), Houston (road).  [As of this post, the Bears are losing 17-7 at halftime.]

The Vikings would need to lose two of the following: Bears (home), Lions (road), Arizona (road), Atlanta (home), NYG (home).

I think it is very likely that both the Bears and Vikings each lose two more games.

Can the Packers win out?  Maybe I have my head in the clouds, but I think they can.  The Texans, Jaguars, and Lions are all bad teams.  That said, either the Jaguars or the Texans will be 5-7 (the same as the Packers) after tomorrow night.  Still, under McCarthy, the Packers usually win the games that they clearly should win.  I think all three of those games fall into that category.

...That leaves the Bears at Soldier Field.  Like George Michael said: you gotta have faith.

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