Monday, December 22, 2008

Amazing. Simply amazing.

The Packers dominate the Bears and lose in overtime.  What else did I expect? 

Way to go Jarrett Bush!  You are responsible for 10 Bears points.  

Way to go Mason Crosby! That's two game winning FGs that you missed this season.  Sure the defense had push on the play, but it wouldn't have mattered because the FG seemed to be only about 6-6.5 feet high at the line of scrimmage.  (Also, as exciting as the missed FG was, I also loved the kick out of bounds!)

Anyhow, let me focus on the positives:

  • Nice play by Jermichael Finley.  Fans have been really down on Finley (myself included) but you have to love a TE that can get deep like Finley did tonight.  He's got a long---long---way to go, but there is some really exciting potential there.  He's a guy that could really benefit from  sticking around Green Bay this offseason and dedicating himself to improving.
  • Loved seeing Rouse pancake a 300lb lineman on Woodson's INT return.
  • How did the Bears not anticipate a fake punt on third and two from the 37 yard line?
  • Right now, the Packers are in position to draft 9th.  The lowest that they will select is 10th.

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