Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Belichick Canard

Here's a cool new trend. When arguing your point, always make the case that "Belichick would have done it my way." I call it The Belichick Canard, and its every bit as popular as lame initial-based nicknames.

Here's a fantastic example from Bedard:

Yes I think McCarthy is a good coach although some of his decisions this second half of the season have started to alarm me, mostly his being conservative and taking field goals when he can keep going. When I wonder whether a coach is doing the right thing, I always ask, 'What would BB do?' You think Belichick would have settled for long field goals to win games? No chance in hell.

Actually there is a chance in hell and I have proof! There is a annual tradition that occurs late every Janurary. It's actually a pretty popular television event. And while I wouldn't expect a hotshot sports writer to waste much time with trivial television events (especially with all the Groundhogs Day preparations to attend), the "Super Bowl" is almost difficult to avoid, even if you are trying to avoid it.

What may come as a surprise to Bedard is that Belichick has coached in the Super Bowl four times now. What will definitely shock Bedard is that Belichick's teams have won two of those games on last second field goals. (It's true, I looked it up.)

Okay, so the first victory over the Rams there really wasn't enough time to go down and score a TD. However, the same was not true against the Panthers. Against the Panthers, Belichick had the ball at his own forty yard line, 1:08 on the clock and all three time outs. There was plenty of time to march down the field and score a TD, but that's not what Belichick did. He sat on all of his time outs, worked the ball down to the 23 yard line while working the clock down to 9 seconds. Then he called out the kicker.

Although the Imaginary Belichick In Your Head is crazy aggressive, The Real Belichick is smart and conventional.

Need more proof? Check out the Super Bowl against the Eagles. Leading by only three points with almost two minutes remaining (and with the ball just outside of scoring position), The Real Belichick called the following series of plays:

  • 1-10-PHI41 (1:47) K.Faulk left tackle to PHI 39 for 2 yards (D.Jones).
  • 2-8-PHI39 (1:43) K.Faulk up the middle to PHI 36 for 3 yards (M.Lewis).
  • 3-5-PHI36 (1:39) K.Faulk up the middle to PHI 36 for no gain (J.Kearse; D.Walker).
  • 4-5-PHI36 (:55) Jo.Miller punts 32 yards to PHI 4, Center-L.Paxton, downed by NE-D.Reid.
What?!? Belichick called a series of running plays and then punted the football when he was right at the edge of scoring in an effort to run down the clock and preserve his lead? Well, I'll be dipped in Magic Shell (TM).

ADDENDUM: Ironically, the one time Belichick went pass crazy at the end of a Super Bowl, the Patriots left too much time on the clock and lost.


  1. Funny how those Super Bowls weren't played in freezing conditions off of Lake Michigan. I've heard that sometimes factors into the kicking game.

    It's a good point, but there are plenty of examples of Belichick going the other way. One need look no further than the last few Patriot games...

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  3. You can find examples of one thing, I can find examples of other things.

    My point is definitely NOT that Belichick agrees with *ME* (that's almost the opposite of my point). My point is that it is total BS to argue that "Belichick agrees with me." It is the football equivalent of the old Jesus is a Republican/Democrat debate.

    Query: who would win in a fight Superman or the Green Lantern?

  4. Superman. Because he's a real guy.