Sunday, December 28, 2008

GOB on Sesame Street

Arrested Development (the show not the hip hop group) fans will want to watch this.

I saw this a few months ago when Bratkowski was watching Sesame Street and found it on YouTube tonight.  There are three major problems with the clip:

(1) It cuts off the beginning wherein GOB (err... "Max the Magician" wink wink) enters to a Final Countdown-esque theme song.

(2) The sound is horrible.  Apparently someone set up a camcorder in front of their TV to capture the video.  It's like watching a movie pirated from a Taiwanese theatre.  But it's the best I could find.

(3)  Everyone---everyone---knows that a "trick is something a whore does for money (or candy)."  

A NOTE ON MY PARENTING STYLE:  My wife and I are terrible parents as we let our children watch TV.  The American Pediatrics Association says that children should not watch any television until they are 18.  And they must ride around in car seats until they are 8.  I'm exaggerating (slightly) about the first.  But kids are suppose to be in car seats until they are 8. Seriously.  When I was 8, I think the rule was that you had to wear a seatbelt if you were sitting in the front seat.

Also, I just realized the pseudonym "Bratkowski" could be misinterpreted.  I am not calling my son a "brat."  It's a play off of his first name.


Three headbanging cellists rocking out to Final Countdown:

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