Saturday, December 20, 2008

"Hindsight" Is 20/20...Err Something

Unintentionally hilarious piece from Bedard this morning.  Jason Taylor thinks that the Redskins might cut him after his mediocre 2008 season.

It's been a weird but ultimately disappointing year for the 34-year-old Taylor. . . .

A knee injury nearly ended his season in the exhibition season. Then Taylor got kicked in the calf and an ensuing infection necessitated two surgeries.

He's missed four games and is on pace to set career lows in tackles (25) and sacks (1.5).

 Nevertheless, Thompson should have traded for Taylor last year:

 In retrospect, it was a disastrous non-move. Taylor could have helped the Packers in the two areas that ultimately led the team to their doom this season: pass rush and veteran leadership.

Got it? Taylor totally sucked this year, but not giving up a 2nd and 6th rounder for him was a "disaster."

This reminds me of the old joke about the two cranky old ladies at a new resteraunt.   

"This is the worst food I have ever had in my life,"  says one to the other.

"I agree," replies the other.  "And, the portions are way too small."

Also, buckle-up for a barrage of articles about how a "lack of veteran leadership" was the problem this year.  I do hope that Bedard has the grapefruits to ask Chuck Woodson why he was asleep at the wheel and could not supply the veteran leadership that Mr. Dancing-With-The-Stars so obviously could have supplied. 

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