Sunday, December 14, 2008


The Packers are guaranteed their second losing season since 1991.  Thoughts and observations:

  • I am a huge Rodgers supporter/defender.  If he continues to make poor decisions in crunchtime, I am going to have to wonder if I am a Rodgers defender or a Rodgers apologist.   I don't mean to overreact.  He is a fairly inexperienced player put in tough positions week in and week out.  But still.

  • What is the deal with the backwards pitch?  I understand the pitch/sweep.  The QB pitches the ball out to where the running back is rushing, and, when done well it assists the running back in getting to the corner quicker.  But what is the point of pitching the ball straight back?  If it is called as an inside the tackles run (as it appeared to be)  the running back has to run right by the QB anyhow.  Wouldn't a handoff be just as good (and simplier)?   Moreover, after he pitches the ball, the QB is now directly between the running back and the line of scrimmage and has to get out of the way quickly.  Total fustercluck.  If it was somehow supposed to be an outside run, by pitching the ball straight back the running back has a lot of pasture to cover in order to make the corner.  Weird play.  It's no suprise that it lost yardage every time it was called.  What is a surprising  is that it was called three times.  

  • I don't care what anyone says.  I still like the fullback dive.  

  • James Jones, where have you been all season?

  • Shameful confession: It's fantasy football playoffs time, and there is real money on the line.  I started Jones-Drew this week over Steve Slaton and Michael Turner.  

ONE ADDITIONAL TOUGHT:  After I posted this I realized that had one addendum.  This is not the same team that the Packers fielded even one month ago.  This is not the same team that spanked the Bears or that came up a missed field goal from beating the Vikings in the Metrodome.  This team is completely beaten down and demoralized.  Perhaps injuries have just finally caught up with the Packers.  I sure hope it isn't the case that McCarthy has lost his lockerroom.  I just don't know.


  1. As I've said elsewhere, Rodgers has led the team from behind to either tie or move into the lead against the Vikings, Panthers, Texans, Jaguars, and Titans. The problem is that the defense promptly gives the lead right back. He's made some bad crunch time decisions too, but I can't say he's made that many more than his predecessor did.

    (Speaking of that pick yesterday- was I the only guy watching that thought it looked like the Jags were expecting a throw over the middle? Don't defenses usually try to guard the sidelines in the two minute drill? Sure seemed to me like they knew what was coming.)

    Re the fullback dive: Like most other plays, I like it if it's a well-executed play. But like that fade the Packers have been trying to run to Finley, it seems apparent that this is not a play that the team should be relying on in critical situations. In a situation like that, you need to have a play that you know your guys are going to execute well. The dive is not currently that play.

    As for McCarthy losing the locker room- I think that train has already left the station for this season. This team has pretty clearly quit on the season. Fortunately, that sort of thing doesn't have to carry over into next season, but only if changes are made that make it clear that the current situation is unacceptable. I think we will see a complete revamping of the defensive staff (and some significant turnover in defensive personnel).

  2. I love the backward pitch play. The reason MM designs it like this is to get the defense flowing the way the running back takes his initial steps. As the line and linebackers flow, the back almost always has a clear lane on the backside just behind the tackle or tight end. It's really cutting-edge play design.

  3. I cannot tell if you are being sarcastic or not. I think you are not. The play looks like a giant clusterfuck and always loses yardage.