Sunday, December 7, 2008

My advice to you... to start drinking heavily.

Thoughts and observations:

  • No more shotgun on 3 and 3 or less. I hated---hated---it under Sherman/Rossley. I have really disliked it under McCarthy, but it was grudgingly effective, so I bit my tongue. One for ten on third down, today. I'm not an absolutist by any stretch. Go ahead and throw in some shotgun stuff on third and two or three as a wrinkle, but shotgun should not be the default formation on third and three. The Packers have got to at least pretend like they might run the ball in those situations.

  • No carries for Brandon Jackson this week? I realize that when the team is one for ten on 3rd downs, there are fewer carries period. Still after the success Jackson had running the ball last week, I would have expected him to get a least a handful of opportunities.

  • Nice audition today for Kapinos.

  • I try to avoid whining about penalties. But... how do the refs call phantom holding on Moll (costing the Packers at least three points) and not call Houston's left tackle for holding in the endzone (costing the Packers 2 points and possession). Am I crazy about the endzone hold? I don't actually have the stomach to go back and watch it again.

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