Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pointless Tuesday List: Greatest Packer Nicknames of All Time

I am not a huge fan on modern initials-based nickname conventions.  D.D., C. Wood, A. Rod, KGB (well actually KGB is kinda cool), I.C.U.P.,  blah blah blah.  (Don't get me started on the Berman punny nicknames based on some crappy Steely Dan song.  Ugh.) 

It's lazy and unimaginative. Whatever happened to cool nicknames like Night Train, and Crazy Legs, and The Horse?  Here is my list of the greatest Packer nicknames of all time.

(5) Gravedigger.  Points off here because Gilbert Brown sort of (but not quite really) gave himself this nickname since it was based upon the celebration that he made up.  This is a major faux pas.  Nevertheless, Gravedigger is a pretty badassed nickname.  So he's on my list.

(4) Minister of Defense.  It's a double entendre.  Which is a fancy French phrase that means "two entendres."  He was an ordained minister.  And he played defensive end.  Get it?   

(3) The Gray Ghost. The Gray Ghost of Gonzaga.  That's cool.  If Tony Canadeo played today he would be "T. Can."  And that would not be cool.

(2) Johnny Blood.  Likewise, compare Johnny Blood with "J. Mac."  Interestingly, Johnny McNally took on the assumed name of "Johnny Blood" so that he could play pro football while maintaining his college eligibility.  Clever ruse.  So then he went from Johnny Blood to Johnny Blood McNally.  This is also pretty much what happened to Johnny Cougar Mellencamp (aka J. Mel) many years later.

(1) The Golden Boy.  As badassed as The Gray Ghost and Johnny Blood are, how can you possibly top The Golden Boy.  It can't be done.

Honorable mentions:  Bag O' Donuts, The Walrus, and Majik-Man.

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