Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Potential Defensive Coordinators

It seems pretty clear that Sanders should get the boot. Yes, I am the last one to the party on this one. I don't think Sanders is terrible. I cringe at the suggestion that "blitzing more" is the magical solution to a bad defense. I don't buy it. Bob Slowick gave that a try. I also think the talent on this defense (except for the defensive backfield) has been oversold. Guys like Hawk and Barnett are hyped as studs, but are actually just a couple of dudes.

I don't think Sanders is terrible, but he is also just a dude. Nothing special. The clincher for me is that there will be some special defensive coaches available this offseason.

Here are a list of potential replacement candidates. Not all of these guys will be available, but I bet that most will be:
  • Marv Lewis
  • Romeo Crennel
  • Jim Johnson
  • Rod Marinelli
  • Mike Singletary
Even if Thompson/McCarthy are on the fence, with a talent pool like this I don't see how they can settle for a defensive coordinator that is maybe adequate.

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  1. If Sanders gets the boot I'd be willing to bet our next DC is Winston Moss. Supposed rising star in the coaching ranks, already an assistant head coach, and it would mesh with McCarthy's promote-from-within philosophy.