Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Biggest Game of Rodgers's Career

He may not know it, but tommorow's game against Chicago is the biggest game of Rodgers's career. I need 15 points.  That's it.  15 points and I take the fantasy football championship.  Rodgers has scored less than 15 fantasy points only three times this whole season.  But I'm still pretty nervous. 

I thought about playing Tyler Thigpen (who put up 29 points and would have cliched a championship) this week.  But I didn't.  I put all my faith in Rodgers.  Please don't let me down. There's real money at stake.

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  1. My dumb ass played Matt Schaub (8 points) instead of Phillip Rivers (35 points) yesterday for the championship. I lost by 13. Stupid stupid stupid. I hope yours turns out better.