Sunday, January 4, 2009

Barry Sanders is to Wayne Fontes As Adrian Peterson is to Brad Childress?

I think Brad Childress is a terrible coach.  I have thought so since he was at Wisconsin.    I always felt that he coasted on the talent he had at Wisconsin, but that the Badgers offense had the talent to have been much better than they were during his tenure.  Then he went to Philidelphia to become Andy Reid's chief clipbaord holder and mustache trimmer---err "offensive coordinator."  (For the record, he was Reid's offensive coordinator the same way that Sherm Lewis was Mike Holmgren's offensive coordinator.)  

I was very afraid that he was going to become the Packers head coach in 2005.   Fortunately, things seemed to work out.

Anyhow, even though I think he is a terrible coach,  I think he will be in Minnesota for as long as Adrian Peterson plays for the Vikings.  My gut tells me that as long as Peterson plays, the Vikings will always be "pretty good."  Sort of like how the Lions regularly went to the playoffs behind Barry Sanders.  Although it was obvious to the entire world that Wayne Fontes didn't have the stuff, the Lions couldn't really fire him until the team finished with a losing record or failed to make the playoffs.

I can definitely see the same thing happening in Minnesota, with Peterson wasting the best years of his career playing for Childress.  

Please, let it be so.

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