Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blogging From History: SIGN FREEMAN NOW!!!

Blogging is a rather recent phenomenon. So there are a lot of events that bloggers have missed out on. So many missed opportunities to hyperventilate. Let's face it, there is not enough news today. So why not go back and comment on the stupid stuff that I missed out on the first time around?

Ten years ago today...

January 15, 1999.

What is the hold-up in signing Free? He is the premier receiver in the league. He led the league in yardage. He's coming off a Pro Bowl season. What more do you want from him?

Maybe he could light up the league while playing with a broken jaw. Oh yeah, he did that last month. Or maybe he could set a Super Bowl record with an 81-yard reception, while he still had a broken arm!

Wait, he already did that, too?

What more can Wolf possibly want from Freeman.


Freeman is all heart and it is a absolute disgrace that Ron Wolf has been so lackadaisical in getting him signed.

Fire Wolf NOW!!!

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