Monday, January 19, 2009

Does "Blogging" Make You An "Authority"?

Aaron has a tongue-in-cheek post up responding to my posting of a recent letter to the editor.

He concludes with this:

"Clearly, DDD wins the argument. No less an authority than Don Smith says so."

This raises an interesting question, does Aaron consider himself an "authority" simply because he has a blog? I certainly do not consider myself to be any sort of authority. Does Aaron have some other credentials that he is too modest to share with us? I understand that he is a pretty savvy Madden player. Does that make him an "authority"?

As I stated in my original post, I acknowledged that the letter to the editor were just the words of "some other ordinary joe" (like me). It was not intended to be any sort of conclusive evidence of anything. Just a well-stated letter that I agree with. But let's make one thing clear, having a blog does not make anyone smarter or more of an authority than the guy sitting at home who writes a letter to the editor. In fact, having a blog is really just a modern equivilent of writing letters to the editor.

If our opinions are worthy of consideration (and this is a highly debatable point), than I don't see why Mr. Smith's opinion is not.


  1. You will be hard pressed to find someone with more Packer Fan knowledge and intuition than Aaron Nagler. I am a hack. He is not. That's why I stick to the design side.

    Having a blog does not make you an authority. What your blog does and the consistency and "right" predictions it can make over a lifetime can give it authority though.

    I think it's disingenuous to say that we merely have a BLOG. We run arguably one of the best Packer fan sites on the web. I would say where your rating and traffic lie say a lot about what so-called "authority" u may have on a given subject. For instance I take your commenting and forum writing more seriously than other commenters because of your consistent, thoughtful writing as well as your passion to the subject. So there is some authority in blogging about a subject- but I think it's more about where your blog ranks on the particular subject and when I say ranks - I mean as far as Content, Popularity, Traffic, loyalty etc..

  2. I love your blog. I check it probably half a dozen times a day.

    That said. One snarky post deserves another.


  3. Think you've got things a bit confused. This back and forth is about coverage of the Packers - not the Packers. This was your bailiwick from the start - I merely disagreed.