Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Even Older Style.

Last year Pabst Brewing brought back the original formula Schlitz, now they are doing the same thing to Old Style.

When I was in college, everyone drank Busch Lite, and then Miller dropped the price of High Life and everyone switched to High Life (I still enjoy High Life quite a bit).  But I had one buddy who only drank Old Style.  Foul, foul, stuff.

However, I'm a big fan of the original formula Schlitz, and I am very excited about the new Old Style.  Props to Pabst for bringing back all of these iconic brands.  

Can Classic Blatz be too far behind? 

I hope not.


  1. Wait- someone who by their own admission drank Busch Light is calling Old Style foul? Eheeh.

    I went to college in the Chicago area in the 80s, when the two main choices in town were Old Style and Bud. Not too hard to figure out which of those we opted for. Busch (I don't even know if they had a light beer back then) was one of that group of beers that included Oly Gold, Old Milwaukee ("Red Boats") and Hi-Brau, stuff you drank only if you had no more than $5 to last for the rest of the month.

    Classic Blatz, on the other hand. . . now that's a treat. My grandpa kept his basement fridge full of bottles of ice-cold Blatz, and there was absolutely nothing better on a lazy weekend afternoon.