Monday, January 12, 2009

Gut Check Time For McCarthy

Nolan is going to Denver. Gregg Williams might be on his way to New Orleans. Does McCarthy have the grapefruits to hold tight and wait up to three weeks in order to interview McDermott?

I rather hope he does, as I have been advocating for a young "rising star" to become the next Packer defensive coordinator. McDermott fits that mold. I was never sold on Nolan, so I'm not too disappointed to see him go to Denver. I also have some reservations about Williams, although I think Williams is a much better option than Nolan.

Of course there is always the issue that the Packers would need permission to speak with McDermott which the Eagles could refuse. It is definitely something to think about; however, I don't know why the Eagles wouldn't accept a draft pick in exchange for McDermott. Denying him the ability to interview will only create animosity of the coaching staff and McDermott's contract is up next year anyhow.

So here is hoping McCarthy goes for broke on this one. Gregg Williams will go to New Orleans this week, and when he does Packer fans will hyperventilate. Count on it.

But some times you have to take a chance. Now is the time.


  1. I really like the idea of adding McDermott as the defensive coordinator but what I worry about is if we will end up getting him. What happens if we end up waiting to interview him and he decides to go to another team. Then the Packers would have to go to their fourth or fifth option and I don't really want that to happen. It's too bad that the Eagles didn't just lose this week since we then could have interviewed McDermott this week instead of having to wait possibly three weeks.I don't mind which we get but I hope we get Greg Williams or McDermott since I don't think we will find a better candidate.

  2. Just remember one thing, Packerholic - no one knows who McCarthy's top choices are. Sure, we've heard lots of stuff in the media, but that's all it is - stuff. For all we know, McDermott is his number one choice and then it's Gregg Williams. We have no idea. Best to trust in the search and remember - whoever is hired can not be worse or more out of their depth than Bob Sanders.

  3. I think if Williams or Nolan were the number one choices they would have recieved offers.