Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Interesting Thoughts From Andrew Brandt on the Mass Firing

Good reading at the National Football Post:

On a personal note, the Packers terminated the contracts of some friends I worked with and next to – my office was adjacent to the defensive staff’s offices – for several years. These were the same coaches who helped steer the team to 14 wins and an overtime away from the Super Bowl last season. These are some good coaches and solid people such as Lionel Washington, who arrived in Green Bay at the same time I did in1999, and helped develop and nurture Pro Bowlers Al Harris, Nick Collins and Charles Woodson. I have already received calls from teams asking for references on Lionel and a couple other of these men.

As I said earlier. I'm skeptical that teams are really tripping over themselves to hire the Packer castoffs. Still, it is always useful to hear the other side of the debate. Brandt seems to imply---without coming right out and saying it---that he believes the players squeezed out the defensive coaching staff.

Some of the Packers players wanted more aggressive schemes and more input in the game plan. Coaches should not let players coach, although the way coaches manage their input – which appens on every team in the league — says a lot. Tactful deference to players’ interests, without caving in to their demands, is integral to team dynamics.


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