Thursday, January 8, 2009

I've Got a "Secret Source With Intimate Knowledge of Yesterday" Who Tells Me That Yesterday Was a Slow News Day

But journalist still don't get the day off so we are treated to pieces like Silverstein's today.  Silverstein writes that the Packers might be interested in Gregg Williams.  Silverstein has a secret "source with intimate knowledge of the search."

The Source dropped this bombshell---wait for it---"McCarthy's plan is to go for the best available candidates and then decide which would be the best fit for him."  And there you have it.  Exhale.

Then Silverstein let's his big brain to the rest of the work.  If McCarthy's plan is to find the "best" candidate, and Gregg Williams is a proven coach, maybe McCarthy will be interested in him?  Care to argue with that?

Silvestein also speculates that Jags will not wind up in Green Bay because there are no coaching vacancies.  While that appears true, I think Jags will end up somewhere. He will not be the OC of Seattle (Mora filled that position yesterday).  If he doesn't land an OC position I think it is still quite possible Jags will return to Green Bay is some position made especially for him.  I note that Alex Gibbs (considered the modern innovator of the NFL's zone blocking system) has spent the last dozen or so years not as an offensive coordinator as an "assistant head coach."  I think its too earlier to rule out a Jags return.


  1. At this point I hope that McCarthy does end up picking Williams. I think William's is a better coach and I also think he would be able to work with our players better than Nolan would. Williams has also brought successful defenses to every team he has coached and has had a better tack record than Nolan. It's too bad though that I don't think we will end up getting Williams.

  2. Unfortunately, I agree with that last sentence Packerholic...

  3. If choosing between Nolan and Williams I suppose I would pick Williams (althought I do think drama just seems to circle Williams).

    But I'm actually hoping for a non-retread.

  4. Wasn't Fritz Shurmur kind of a retread? Things seemed to work out ok when he was here.

    Actually, I find it amusing to watch the media chase (or, perhaps in some instances, create) these rumors. I just wish I weren't so busy at work so I could spend more time learning about what Gus in Hales Corners is thinking.

  5. Bucky, I guess I didn't complete my thought there. I am not so much in favor of a retread head coach.
    Fritz was a old grizzled coordinator like Jim Johnson or Monte Kiffin. He wasn't gunning for the next HC position to open up.

    What I fear is Nolan or Williams coming in for only one season (like Bates) and then split. I'd like to have a little continuity for a couple seasons.