Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jack Bauer Power Hour(s) 3 & 4

I'm a day late on this.  Last night I waited patiently until exactly 7:40 before firing up 24 on the DVR.  This is mathematically the earliest that I could watch the show straight-through without any commercials.  I flipped on the TV.  No 24.  In its place were an episode of Backyardigans and an episode of Gossip Girl.  Not cool.  Fortunately, FOX has the full episodes up now.

Anyhow, on Sunday I asked whether Jack would team up with Tony.  The answer is yes. More on that in a second.

The show opens with an ultimatum from a Fictional African dictator called "The Butcher": stand down on the intervention or thousands of Americans will die.  As Madame President recognizes, this is an impossible choice.  Which familiar territory for 24: what do we do when "the right thing to do" conflicts with our survival instinct.

Anyhow, the gang is back at FBI headquarters.  After a little "interrogation" by Jack, Tony drops a super secret CTU code word, that signals to Jack that he should call some (presumably unlisted) phone number.  At the other end is Bill Buchanan.  Awesome, awesome, awesome reveal.  

As it turns out, Bill and Chloe and Tony have formed an extra-governmental counter terrorism unit.  We later learn that Tony really was a criminal mercenary, but could not stomach the latest evil plan, so he enlisted the assistance of Bill to help bring down the conspiracy.  Oh, and the conspiracy goes all the way up to Madame President's inner-circle. (Also, familiar territory.)

Jack needs to spring Tony, so he chokes out Hot Agent Walker, whispering sweetly into her ear "don't fight it."  Smooth.  Jack Bauer: ladies man.

Then Chloe breaks into the FBI security system to assist Jack in navigating the hallways to free Tony.  Jack gets the in interrogation room and kicks the FBI Ballbreaker Guys ass.

Jack frees Tony then hotwires a car and mentions that "this is going to hurt."  Then then drives the car out of the third story of the parking garage.  Tony and Jack are picked up by Bill.


Tony and Jack set out to get back undercover with the conspiracy.

Meanwhile, Hot Agent Walker is distraught that she trusted Jack.  She sets out to make everything right.

Tony and Jack meet up with the conspiracy in some house in Georgetown.  The nondescript boss tells Jack to go down into the basement.  Then he tells Tony to go down and kill Jack.  

Chloe and Bill are listening to all of this.  Chloe asks "are we really going to let them kill Jack."  Bill says "signs point to yes."

But Jack doesn't die.  He kicks some bad guy ass, and then the nondescript boss invites Jack to join the conspiracy.

The next job for the conspiracy is to kidnap the former prime minister of the Fictional African country and deliver him to The Butcher. The prime minister lives of Foxhall Road, which is a real street, unlike "Old School."

Meanwhile, Hot Agent Walker is at the hospital (which is somewhere down near the Mall of course).  She starts interrogating The Sniper.  He asks for his lawyers.  Hot Agent Walker asks Jeanine Garofolo to run interference with the lawyers so she can do a little more "interrogation."

Jeanine Garafolo is not comfortable with this---she is really really not comfortable with this---but she does it anyway.

Hot Agent Walker then jabs her gun into The Sniper's leg and cuts off the flow of oxygen from his respirator.  She learns of the plot against the prime minister.  

The FBI alerts the prime minister of the plot against him just before the conspiracy arrives.  He darts for his panic room.


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