Monday, January 5, 2009

Pointless Tuesday List: Vikings Season-Ending Meltdowns

Vikings season-ending meltdowns are like episodes of McGuyver,  you know all along how it's going to end but it sure is fun watching the elaborate,  unpredictable, and usually memorable way in which it unfolds.  Sometimes you just have to stand back in awe and appreciate the majesty of the Vikings.  Boldly going where no team has gone.  Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  When a game seems unloseable, the Vikings dig down deep and find that little voice that says: "yes we can."  

I love Viking season-ending meltdowns all equally in their own special way (they are like my children).  Thus it is difficult to "rank" them.  So, I will just put them in chronological order.

(5) Dallas @ Minnesota 1975: The Vikings lose to the Cowboys in the playoffs 17-12 on last second 50 yard Hail Mary pass.  

(4) Minnesota @ Washington 1987: The Vikings went on an unpredictable run to win two road playoff games (including a road win againt the Super Bowl favorite Niners)  heading into Washington.  In a tight game the Vikings drove the ball all the way down to the Redskins 6 yard line, with about one minute left and trailing by 7 points. On 4th down, Darrell Green swats away a Wade Wilson pass.  So close.

(3) Atlanta @ Minnesota 1998:  The 15-1 Vikings lose in overtime after Gary Anderson misses a 38 yard FG.  It was beautiful.  They should have sent a poet.

(2) Minnesota @ NY Giants 2000:  The Vikings lose 0-41 to the Giants.  The Vikings were actually 2-point favorites heading into the game.  Which means that the Giants beat the spread by 43 points.  After the game, Randy Moss declares: "I don't want to say Minnesota will never win a Super Bowl, but it is going to be hard."

(1)  Minnesota @ Arizona 2003: Nooooo!

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  1. thanks for those memories. I remember the 2000 game like yesterday. After the game, someone wrote Vikes Blow on a snowy hill, by a major highway. After the snow melted, you could still see the image in the grass. Why didn't I take a picture?