Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Slocum Elevated to Special Teams Coach

Well that answers that question.  Interestingly, McCarthy conducted "at least" two other outside interviews that we did not find out about until after the fact.  Sneaky dude.

Here's another tid bit from the Journal Sentinel: "McCarthy is considering his options as he awaits a decision by Gregg Williams regarding the Packers' defensive coordinator job."

Is this correct?  Is the ball in Williams's court? Have the Packers extended an offer?  If so, why hasn't JS reported on it?   

This is another pet peeve of mine: don't assume facts that you don't source and report.  I haven't heard anything about the Packers waiting for Williams to make up his mind.  It seems just as likely that McCarthy is biding his time to interview coaches that are still in the playoffs.  

If McCarthy has actually extended an offer that's newsworthy: put it out there.

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