Thursday, January 8, 2009

Stop the Greg Jennings Hysteria.

Listened to the Cheesehead TV pod cast tonight. Aaron and Corey did (just a little) fretting about Greg Jennings. The fear is that Jennings will not redo his contract until 2010 when he can get a big payday during the "uncapped year."


I can say with 100% certainty that Greg Jennings will not leave during an uncapped 2010 because if 2010 is uncapped Jennings will not be a free agent. In an uncapped season, a player needs 6 accrued years to become eligible for unrestricted free agency. Pat Kirwan wrote an article about this a few months back. Hey, look who's picture is at the top of the page. Greg Jennings is the poster-boy for players that will get screwed over by the uncapped year.

Jennings has every incentive to work out a deal now, when there is still the threat that the NFL and players will work out a new deal that would make him a free agent.
ADDENDUM: I whole heartedly endorse the Cheesehead TV podcast. It is filled with excellent and well-measured commentary. I just had one nit to pick, and I couldn't resist.


  1. I agree that it isn't time to worry about Greg Jennings yet. We have a whole season to agree to an acceptable extension. I am guessing it will be finished this offseason even. Both sides would benefit from signing an extension since Jennings can't really risk an injury before he gets his big payday. I personally would be shocked if Greg Jennings isn't locked up by the end of the season. Greg Jennings will come at a huge cost but he is worth every penny and Thompson will pay him what he deserves since Thompson has shown in the past that if you prove yourself that he is willing to give you an extension.

  2. Nice find Triple D. I will relax....or try to.