Monday, January 19, 2009

Time to Trade Kampman?

Now, I know that McCarthy says all of the Packer players are just perfect for the new 3-4 system. But, what the hell do you expect McCarthy to say? "Yup, we need to start from scratch. We are looking at a 3 year rebuilding project here."

Of course McCarthy is going to say that all of his current players are perfect for the new system. Is it true? I have no authority (there's that word) to say one way or the other. I can only comment that whether its true or not, McCarthy has to say it. No surprise there.

It's possible that the Packers will move Kampman and he will thrive (like Jason Taylor). However, if the Packers experiment with Kampman and he flops, his trade value will plummet and the Packers will end up with close to nothing---no Kampman as we know him and no draft picks in return. The worst of both worlds.

Rather than trying to experiment with Kampman at a new position, it might make sense to strike while the iron is hot and trade him away. The Vikings gave up a 1st and two 3rds for Jared Allen last year. That stands to be a decent benchmark for Kampman's trade value. I'm not sure Kampman would get that much. He is coming off something of a down year and is three years older than Allen. That said, unlike Allen last year, Kampman is under contract so his new team will not need to make a huge cash outlay to get him. Also, Kampman does not have the character issues that Allen had.

If the Packers can get a first and a third for Kampman, I think they have to do it.

It's going to hurt, but if McCarthy is committed to changing some painful choices are unavoidable.


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