Sunday, January 18, 2009

Well At Least I Am Not Totally Alone

Once more into the can of worms....

Last week it seemed that everyone (except me) was gushing over the Silverstein "interview" of Thompson.  There is a lengthy back and forth about it here in the comments section.  So I felt at least a little sense of validation when I read the letters to the editors this morning.  Granted, the letter is just from some other ordinary joe, but it so perfectly encapsulates my feelings towards the Silverstein "interview" in particular and the gratuitous editorializing that at times seems to pervade all of the Journal Sentinel Packer coverage.  I think it's worth sharing.

Whiny tone starts to infect Sports page

Tom Silverstein's Q&A with Packers general manager Ted Thompson last Sunday was negative, critical and whiny.  As interested as I am in Packers news, I didn't bother reading after the third veiled accusation in the form of a "question" regarding Thompson's alleged failures.

I've long ignored your editorial positions for the same general tone.  Now that the Sports page is getting infected, I'm rethinking the value of my subscription.

Don Smith, West Bend

Now, I think it's perfectly okay to be "critical," but the heavy handed (and just plain f---ing repetitive)  "journalism" coming of the JS Packer writers is irritating.    

The horse has been tortured, killed, thrown off a cliff, run over by a train, and then made into sausage that is used to beat a second dead horse.

(And I am sure someone will say that I am beating a dead horse about about the JS beating a dead horse.  Go ahead and say it.  I don't care.  I already beat you to the punch.)

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