Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why So Many Position Coaches?

McCarthy (seemingly) rounded out the rest of his defensive coaching staff today. As has been noted, the Packers now have an almost comical number of defensive position coaches: a defensive line coach, an outside linebackers coach, and inside linebackers coach, a safeties coach, and a cornerbacks coach.

So why so many? Here is my baseless speculation. McCarthy for one reason or another felt obligated to keep Moss and Whit on his staff when he fired everyone else, but either McCarthy or Capers does not have confidence in them. Why else go out and get a second linebackers coach and second secondary coach? If he felt either man was up to the job, why keep looking for more assistants?

So why keep Moss and Whit under those circumstances? I don't know. What do I look like, someone who engages in baseless speculation?


  1. Nothing's changed. They have the same number of defensive coaches as last year, just at different positions. Technically they currently have one less defensive coach than last year until they fill the defensive quality control position.

  2. Exactly. Last season they had a "secondary coach" in Schottenheimer, a cornerbacks coach in Washington, and both a defensive tackles and a defensive ends coach.