Monday, February 23, 2009

Could the Packers Get the Band Back Together

Slow news month, so why not engage in crazy speculation. . . .

Some might disagree, but I truly believe that McCarthy has bet his job (and Thompson's job) on the switch to the 3-4.  It was a ballsy move.  And there is simply no guarantee that it will pan out.  

What if it doesn't?

Here's a thought experiment: pretend it's November 2009 and the Packers are 4-8.  

Two Packer legends are currently out of work.  One has indicated that he might be looking for a job (and the job that he really covets was just filled by Mike Singletary).  The other, while not getting any younger, just so happened to recently move back to Green Bay.

What if?

Who knows, but if the Packers falter you can count on a groundswell of support to bring back Holmgren and Wolf.  

It will be deafening.


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  1. If this happens(which it won't because the Pack is going to crush)this article will be bookmarked and I will directly blame this blog for the influx of troll-age.