Sunday, February 1, 2009

Still One Play Left.

WWF-style ending to the Super Bowl (what is it with the Steelers in the Super Bowl that brings out the worst in the officials). That was clearly an incomplete pass. The third-angle showed it best. The ball was still in Warner's hand after the hit. In any event: no review? You have got to be kidding me! How can they not even review the play?

It probably did not make a difference. But with Bolden, Fitzgerald, and Breaston who knows.

ADDENDUM: Deadspin has the definitive replay here.



  1. I personally think the worst call was when Harrison was tackled at the one yard line and it wasn't over turned. AMAZING play by Harrison...don't get me wrong on that and I think making that play...he deserved the TD...however...if you look at the replays his arms hit the ground (with the ball being down at the 1/2 yard line)...I think that was what screwed over the Cardinals

  2. Looked to me like an incomplete pass, but then I was rooting for the Cards. But you're right; we were all waiting for the review of the play, and the next thing we knew the Steelers took the snap in Victory formation and the game was over.

    Reviewing the play and finding it a fumble was a possible outcome, maybe even a likely one. Not reviewing the play at all merely feeds the conspiracy theories that the fix was in.

    It sure does seem like the Steelers are on the receiving end of a lot of these, doesn't it?