Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Are the Patriots Still the NFL's Standard Bearers?

Silverstein went on another one of his soapbox rants about how Bill Belichick loves over-the-hill veterans and Thompson should, too.  Aaron at CHTV does an excellent job picking apart Silverstein's post, but there is bigger question to raise.

As I pointed out back in January, back when New England was actually winning Super Bowls, they weren't out signing over the hill free agents:

Go ahead and look at New England's Super Bowl winning rosters . . . .  You can find examples of older players on the roster, but color me underwhelmed.  Now, in recent years you can find a lot more examples of oldtimers on Belichick's teams, for example the aforementioned Seau and Harrison.  But you know what you won't find on those teams?  A championship.

Maybe Belichick is a genius for signing all these over-the-hill players, but he has yet to prove that it works.

Moreover, the Steelers have won two Super Bowls since the last time the Patriot have won one. Maybe the Steelers should be considered the model franchise at this point.  For those that are curious, you can see all the Steeler's (and other teams') free agent transactions here.  

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