Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More on Tramon Williams

Silverstein writes:

The Packers are probably going to be faced with the choice of matching an offer sheet to Bush that will pay him much more than the $460,000 Tramon Williams is scheduled to make.

Considering Williams was a part-time starter and the nickel back last season, it could cause some problems if Bush is making three times as much as him. That would be one reason the Packers might let Bush go if an offer sheet is made.

This idea was first raised by Aaron at Cheesehead Tee Vee:

I have no doubt Williams noticed the fact that, if both players were to play 2009 on their tenders, Williams would be making $460,000 for the season while Jarrett Bush would be making $1.01million.

The key part of that statement is in bold, and that's the part that Silverstein apparently doesn't understand.  

Tramon Williams is not "scheduled to make" $460,000.  Right now, Williams is "scheduled to make" $0 because he doesn't have a contract.  

There is simply no indication that the Packers are going to try to force Williams to play for the tender.  I highly doubt that they do.  

RELATED TANGENT:  Just to clear one thing up, reading McGinn's piece from yesterday you might come away with the mistaken impression that the Packers tried to force Grant to play for his one-year tender but then "backed down."  

That is not true.  The Packers' very first offer to Grant was a six year deal.  The dispute was over just how big of a multi-year deal Grant deserved, not whether he deserved one.  As far as I know, Grant playing for his tender was never even on the table.

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