Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Two Cents On the Canty Negotiation

But first, an anecdote:

When our first son, Bratkowski, was born my wife and I had two, two-door compact cars that we each brought into our marriage.  We absolutely had to get something that was easier to get a kid and a car seat into and out of.

I wanted to go back to a dealership that I had a positive experience with the last time I needed a new car.  Which we did, but, as it turned out the dealer that had sold me my last car had moved on and we were passed off to a new guy.  The new guy was a bit slicker.

However, the balance of power in between a customer and a car dealer has completely flip-flopped now that we have the internet and cell phones.  I knew what price other dealers were offering on the car we wanted.  At some point, the Slick Dealer tried to tell me that I must be mistaken and that the other dealership must be selling some other model at that price.  

So, I pulled out my cell phone and called the other dealership to confirm their price.  At that point, Slick Dealer had no choice but to give us the car at the price the other dealership was offering.

My point is that I am skeptical that Canty had much of an interest in playing in Green Bay.  He was using Green Bay as a bargaining chip.  If he was serious about playing in Green Bay, he would have hopped on a plane to visit.

I just don't buy the whole "why don't you make me an offer over the phone while I'm across the bargaining table from somebody else" routine.

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