Friday, March 20, 2009

Obama In "The Bubble."

First he offends the British, then he offends Duke (who cares?), now he offends the developmentally disabled.


For me, there were two "silver linings" to an Obama presidency.

(1) He will definitely get us of Iraq. Right? Well, yes he will, but only to the same extent that the Bush Administration promised to sort of get us out of Iraq eventually.

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(2) He will not be unsophisticated dumbass. Oh-fer-two. We have another rube in the White House.

The Special Olympics comment is just mind-boggling.

I like to apply the "could that happen to me" test when criticising another's gaffe. If it could happen to me, I cut the person a break. Garbled English? A slip of the tongue? That could easily happen t0 me. Cut the guy a break.

This was not just a garbling of his English or a slip of the tongue. I can't fathom "accidentally" saying on television. It was Biden-esque inability to distinguish television cameras from a series of other inanimate objects and understand that those cameras will convert your image and words into electronic signals that will be shot out around the world and converted back into images and audio in millions of peoples' "television sets." Some of those people are going to be offended by your comments.

We could debate whether the developmentally disabled and their advocates are "too sensitive" but does it really freaking matter even if it were true? Was it such a hilarious joke that it was worth stirring the pot a little?

I think we understand why his handlers keep him attached to his teleprompter.

Obama's supposed intelligence has been dramtically oversold. How could it happen? He was the president of the Harvard Law Review for crying out loud. He can't be an air head.

A very (very!) timely episode of 30 Rock explains it all: Obama has lived his whole life in "the bubble."

That's the only possible explanantion.

Don't let him drive a motorcycle.


  1. "Obama's supposed intelligence has been dramtically oversold."


  2. Sorry. I guess that one went too far against Church Dogma.

    Take off the google: Obama is just as big a dumbass as anyone else in politics.

    The proof is in the pudding.

  3. 'The proof is in the pudding'?


  4. Stick to football, where you have some insights worth sharing. If I wanted to read what that dickless twit Assrocket has to say, I'd go to his website.

  5. dude...the special olympics comment was nothing. Why make Hay out of it. Who cares?

  6. Bucky, I have no insights worth sharing on any topic.

    I share them anyhow.

    Corey: tell me with a straight face that if GWB made the exact same comment it wouldn't be conclusive proof that he is an idiot (and then I'll call you a liar).

  7. So you're saying Bush isn't an idiot? That IS putting yourself out there... ;)

  8. Where would you get the idea that I don't think Bush is an idiot? That's really not the point at all. The point is that Obama is just as big of an idiot (or close to it).