Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Watchmen Will Definitely Be a Letdown After This...

The Watchmen comes out at midnight tonight. Ask any nerd and they'll tell ya. For me, there is no way that The Watchmen won't be a major letdown after this amazing epic:

CORRECTION: The correct name of the film and the source material is "Watchmen" not "The Watchmen." I'm definitely going to have my nerd card yanked for that flub. To be honest (and why not be honest) I'm not a huge fan of Watchmen (the comic). I like it, but after all the build-up I was expecting something more. In contrast, I feel that Sandman (by Neil Gaiman) delivered everything that was promised and more.

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  1. Just bought my ticket for the midnight show. And that epic is AWESOME.