Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Buffalo News speculates about a Jason Peters trade

The Buffalo News speculates that the Bills "might be leaning toward" trading two time Pro Bowl left tackle Jason Peters.  The Packers are identified as a potential trade partner:

Aging left tackle Chad Clifton has knee issues and is going into the final year of his contract. His replacement is not on the roster. Obtaining Peters would give the Packers the option of moving Clifton to the right side, where free agent Mark Tauscher might not return. Perhaps recently signed former Bills lineman Duke Preston can offer an endorsement.

I have read that the Bills are seeking a first and a third.  Peters also wants a mammoth deal.

As a preliminary matter, this article appears to be nothing more than speculation.  Nevertheless, would it be worth it?  

I have advocated for the Packers to take a stud left tackle in the first round. Clifton is on the decline.  All it takes is one crushing blind side hit to Rodgers for the Packers' season to go down the tubes.  I like Flynn as much as the next guy but I don't have faith that he (or Brohm) could lead this team over an extended period.

So given that I would already give up a first round pick on a left tackle, would it be worth an additional 3rd round pick to lock-in a 27 year old, 340lb, two time Pro Bowler in the prime of his career?  Given that the Packers have an extra 3rd round pick from the Favre trade, it would merit serious consideration.  If I were the hypothetical GM in Thompson's shoes, I would hypothetically pull the trigger.


  1. Or maybe not:

  2. Must be nice to be the Eagles and have two first round picks to use as ammo. Wonder how a team would go about acquiring an extra first round pick?


  3. The Packers have "two first round picks" as ammo. They have a first round pick this year, a first round pick next year, a first round pick the year after that...