Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Enough About Vonnie Holiday

From Packergeeks (on the Packers trying out Greg Paulus):

Actually, I must say, I don’t really mind the Pack giving a tryout to a great athlete - my concern lies in the fact that we have time to have Greg Paulus tryout but apparently little time to give a tryout to a legit veteran defensive player like Vonnie Holliday.

First things first: Holiday's extended bout of unemployment has nothing to do with Thompson (and every single other head office in the NFL) "not having enough time"to bring Holiday in for a work out.  The NFL is just not as wigwam-in-the-shorts enthusiastic about Holiday as certain Packer fans.

Is it possible that the entire NFL is deluded into some form of groupthink that blinds them from realizing the pure, nut-crunching  awesomeness of Vonnie Holiday's 33-year old bad self?


We could debate whether it is "likely," but it is certainly possible that the entire NFL is asleep at the wheel (even the evil genius in Massachusetts).  

I like to apply the professional negligence standard: what would an average professional in the same line of work do under the same facts.  (For example, for medical malpractice a doctor is held to the standard of an average doctor in the same field, even if a better-than-average doctor would have done things differently.)

In this case of NFL GMs the answer is clear: an average GM would wait and see.  Maybe they are right, maybe they are wrong, but either way I am not going to piss and moan that Thompson is behaving like every other GM in the league.

Besides, Holiday may yet end up a Packer.  I suspect that Thompson and others are waiting to see how the draft shapes up before entertaining the option of signing Holiday.

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  1. It seems to me that Ted might be waiting to see what they get in the draft before signing some guys who nobody is clamoring to sign. Maybe that makes way too much sense.