Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Here We Go Again.

Packer Update reports:

Extending wide receiver Greg Jennings may be a top priority, but it won’t be easy. Negotiator Russ Ball exchanged numbers with agent Eugene Parker late last month and we hear that the two sides are far apart.

From that Aaron at Cheesehead TV somehow concludes that the Packers are "lowballing" Jennings.


We do not have nearly enough information to conclude that. The report is that the two side are far apart. We have no idea what Jennings is asking or what the Packers are offering. It is equally likely that Jennings is asking too much.

There is an unspoken assumption in Aaron's post that Jennings couldn't possibly be asking for that much more than he is worth.

However, it is definitely possible to overpay Jennings.

Fans almost always overvalue the players on their own team.

Remember the comical over-reaction when the Packers "insulted" Ryan Grant by offering him what he was worth? There was a similar fan uprising in 2005 when the Packers offered Bubba Franks a salary commensurate with his worth. The fan outrage became even more pronounced when Bubba went to the media about his hurt feelings.

I hear Packer fans assert that Jenning is a Top-3 or Top-5 receiver in the league. He isn't. Not yet. Jennings is probably only the 5-6th best receiver in the NFC. And probably only the second best receiver in the NFC North (behind Calvin Johnson).

Jennings is not Larry Fitzgerald. If he is asking for Fitzgerald money, then he needs to come down.

But all of this is way premature because we don't know how much the Packers are offering or how much Jennings is asking.

Then, again. You've got to post about something.

It's either that or grading teabagging puns.

ADDENDUM: I just noticed this great post by Dale at Packers Lounge. Needless to say, I agree.

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  1. Yeah yeah yeah - jeez, one stinkin post when I'm in a bad mood and the whole world pounces. I note you never post when you're in agreement with me... ;)