Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Little Payback From Belichick?

In 2006, Belichick traded away a third round pick to swap selections with the Packers in the second round.

Belichick then drafted Chad Jackson.

The Packers drafted Greg Jennings with New England's pick in the second round and Jason Spitz with New England's pick in the third round.

Advantage Ted Thompson.

From a draft perspective, Belichick clearly got the upper hand in yesterday's trade.  Who knows how the picks will pan out, but the Packers gave up almost twice as much to move up as the conventional wisdom says they should have.

The Jackson anecdote also respresents the worst-case-scenario when teams become infatuated with individual players rather than letting the draft come to them.

Because New England flopped with the Jackson pick, the Patriots had to trade for Wes Welker the following spring.  All told, the Patriots gave up two second rounders, a third rounder, and a seventh rounder to fill one wide receiver spot.  Steep price, even for a good player like Welker.

Let's hope that Thompson didn't repeat Belichick's mistake.


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