Saturday, April 25, 2009

Transition to the 3-4

Notwithstanding all of the ridiculous posturing to the contrary back in February, its pretty obvious that Thompson did not believe he had the horses to run the 3-4 next year.

In order to put the pieces together it seems as if he broke two of his cardinal rules of drafting: 

  1. He apparently drafted need over best player available in selecting Raji over Crabtree (who reportedly was the top-rated player on Thompson's draft board).
  2. He got jittery and overpaid to trade up and draft Mathews.

Thompson is feeling the heat.  If the 3-4 turned out to be a flop, I think Thompson would have been fired after next season.  The Mathews trade in particular strikes me as panicky.

Now, not to be aNegative-Nelly---I am really excited about this defense next year.

However, if Clifton breaks down (and Rodgers is subsequently broken),  I don't have very high hopes for the season.

The switch too the 3-4 left the Packers with too many holes to fill in one offseason.  And it looks like we'll just ahve to cross our fingers on the tackle situation.


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