Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Vikings Help the Packers Land Clay Matthews III.

According to Brad Childress (Fist bump to PFT):

"New England was right in there. They were right behind us [with the 23rd pick]," Childress said. "No, they didn't think we'd take him [because of off-the-field] issues. Remember, they have our receivers coach there now. So they thought they could hold ... and he'd come to them.

"They were down there working him out the day after I was there. And [Harvin] wasn't supposed to tell anybody, and I was trying to pull that out of him, who that was. So, it was a little cat-and-mouse game that occurred."

Of course we all know what happened next: the Pats, embarrassed and dejected, traded down and let the Packers draft CM3

Long live Brad Childress, is this guy the mustachioed gift that keeps on giving or what?


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