Sunday, April 19, 2009

What Cable News Does Not Understand About Teabagging

WARNING: The following post contains a frank discussion of cable "news" which may not be appropriate for all readers.

This last week, the cable news media had a hearty guffaw over the act of "teabagging" in connection with its coverage of last week's demonstrations. In the process, they reveal a troubling lack of sexual literacy.

For those that do not know:

The Coop apparently does not understand the difference between "teabagging" and "being teabagged."

Why would it be hard to talk when you are teabagging? That would only be true if you somehow speak with your scrotum.

The Coop gets an F.

Next up, David Shuster:

This one is a bit tougher to grade. Schuster gets high grades for "nuts" (and "nutshell").

"Taste of teabagging" is a nice touch.

I am not particularly impressed with "whipped out" but it is also not offensive.

Then Schuster goes too far (way too far).

For starters, he makes the same mistake as The Coop in believing that teabagging involves the mouth of the teabagger (i.e., "tongue-lashing" and "lick government spending"). What is troubling, is that with just a little more effort his innuendo could have made sense. For example, just off the top of my head (see what I did there?), he could have quipped that the protesters wanted to sack government spending.

But then Schuster goes even farther and makes a series of innuendos that can only refer to fellatio and have nothing at all to do with legitimate teabagging. Just shameful.

For example, he whiffs on his closing remarks about "Dick Armey/Army." Everyone knows that teabagging refers to an act involving the scrotum , and has nothing to do with the penis.

The worst offender of all was the "full-throated" quip. That one is cringe-worthy it is so bad. How is someone supposed to put his balls down another's throat? Come on.

On balance, I have to conclude that Schuster has no idea what he is talking about. Although he does connect on a couple metaphors (even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then) his batting average is abysmal.

Schuster gets a D-.

We should be able to expect more from our news media.

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