Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kampman's Silence

Everyone (except Kampman) is talking about Aaron Kampman's media strike. Bedard concludes that Kampman is "uneasy" with his new role in the defense. Aaron at CHTV and Andy Hayes at PackerGeeks both feel that Bedard is just stirring the pot, Gene Bosling at OBD thinks that there is more to the situation than Aaron and Andy care to admit. I have a few unorganized thoughts:

Kampman is a two time Pro Bowl DE in the 4-3 System. The best case scenario for Kampman is that he is "as good" in the new system (he will not be "better" as McCarthy argues). The worst case scenario is that he flops. It's all risk and no reward. (And in a contract year).

So, I'm completely cool with Kampman being a bit salty (if that is indeed the case). I completely disagree with Andy Hayes that this would make Kampman "selfish" and not a team player.

Football is our entertainment. Football is Kampman's livelihood. People are permitted to care about their careers without being labled "selfish."

It is fair to call Kampman's move to OLB an "experiment."

Query: how many of us would be happy to have our bosses "experiment" with our careers?

I care passionately about my firm. I also am pretty invested in my own future and my own career. If my firm were to relegate me to tasks that did not take full advantage of my skills (nunchuck skills, computer hacking skills, etc.) and thereby held back my career, I'd feel pretty justified in being upset (even if the decision was arguably in the firm's best interest). I'm not a Tibetan monk.

Neither is Kampman.

That said, Kampman is doing right by the team by keeping his (speculated) grievences to himself rather than airing it out in the media.

I think its silly wishful thinking to suggest that Kampman is avoiding the media because he is not "familiar enough" with the coaches and the defense yet.


Poppinga is familiar enough with the defense to speak to the media but Kampman is not.

Occam's razor---what is more likely: (1) Kampman is the only player on the defense that is not familiar enough with the new scheme to open his mouth and let sounds come out, or (2) he is bit salty about being played out of position in a contract year?

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