Friday, May 8, 2009

Last Favre Post (Hopefully) For a While

Its tough to ever take Favre at his word. And based upon his conduct last season, there are good reasons to believe we have yet to hear the last of Favre.

However, there is a big difference between this season and last. After Favre burned his bridges with the Packers last season, there were still plenty of teams that wanted him.

We don't how Favre treated the Vikings and whether he burned his bridges, but the Vikings can't be pleased with his teasing. He got the fans in a frenzy and then left the Vikings coaches and management looking like fools. Maybe they would give him another chance in June if he changes his mind again (like he did last year) but I actually doubt it.

Who else would want Favre besides the Vikings?

Only team that faces a sudden opening at starting QB because of an injury.

This all may actually set-up a mid-season come back (which I think is Favre best chance at winning a Super Bowl because he wears down over the course of a full season).

Who knows?

But, I am very skeptical that Favre is done being Favre.

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