Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Najeh Davenport One-Ups Noah Herron

At you recall, last summer former Packer and Steeler's running back Noah Herron messed up a couple of burglars. Yesterday, former Packer and Steeler's running back Najeh Davenport took it to the next level.

He left his car (a sweet 1970 Impala) running while he ran inside a family member's house. Some poor bastard got the bad idea to steal Najeh's ride. Najeh saw him driving off and hopped in an SUV to chase him down. A Beverly Hills Cop-style car chase ensued with several parked cars getting what-for. Najeh caught the dude (but only after his car was totalled).

It's time for Whisper Goodman to start pulling his weight.

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