Friday, May 15, 2009

Wikipedia: 1992-2007 Was the "Brett Favre Era"

The nerds that edit Wikipedia articles have dubbed the Packers' seasons between 1992 and 2007 "the Brett Favre Era" (interestingly the 1960s Packers' seasons are not called the "Vince Lombardi Era").  

I predictably find this ridiculous.  First of all, the 2007 season had a lot more in common with 2008 than it did with 1996.  If we are going to split these seasons into "eras," the era ended in 1998 when Reggie White and Mike Holmgren left.  Once those guys left, so did the Packers dominance.

I hate the popular myth that the Packers success was primarily attributable to Favre.  Favre was an important part of the Packers' success, but Reggie White was the heart and soul of those teams.  

Even when he was winning MVPs, Favre was always second fiddle to Reggie White.  

"Favre era" my ass.

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