Thursday, June 4, 2009

Perception v. Reality: CHTV Edition


Yes, it raked up a lot of yards. Yes, it scored a bunch of points. But a big problem the offense had throughout the 2008 season was finishing off drives with a touchdown. The red zone was a frustrating place for McCarthy and company last year.


In 2008, the Packers were 6th in the NFL in redzone efficiency with 29 touchdowns in 48 redzone opportunities (.604).


They struggled mightily in the red zone in 2006 as well before becoming a model of efficiency in 2007. What was the biggest change? I’d love to say it was some great adjustment McCarthy made or an obvious personnel move by Thompson. But the truth is it was a combination of both of those…and Brett Favre. McCarthy did indeed start calling more roll outs near the goal line, Thompson traded for Grant who gave the Packers the physical runner they had missed after a declining Green was not punching the ball into the end zone with any regularity and, as much as I hate to say it…it was Brett Favre. Favre made some ridiculous throws that season, especially on those designed roll outs.


In 2007, the Packers were 14th in the league with 27 TDs in 50 redzone opportunities (.540).

The more you know.


ADDENDUM: I just noticed that commentor Swany makes the same point in the CHTV comments.


  1. (sigh) Thanks for including my point about the importance of WHEN those TDs were scored.

    But I'm really glad the Packers finished in the Top Ten in a important statistical category.

  2. Your post says nothing of the such (really I went back and checked) and I didn't really read the comments all that closely (I was pretty fired up I guess).

    Anyhow, let's see some actual 2007/2008 statistics of all of those other considerations (time, etc.). I do think that you perceive all of those things to be true. Is your perception accurate?


    You know what I think? I think that the team was 13-3 in 2007. All the failed trips to the endzone never really mattered. When you are 6-10, there are a lot more missed opportunities to remember.

    Of course, you might argue that the Packers were 13-3 *because* they scored key touchdowns at the end of games. Maybe. I seem to remember those TDs being more long passes than red zone TDs....

  3. I understand not reading comments when you're fired up, believe me. I do, in the comments of that very post, admit that I may have been overstating.