Friday, June 12, 2009

Seriously, Aaron, Shut the Hell Up Already

Rodgers is still flapping his jaws about Kampman:

Him being disappointed about the 3-4 switch, he obviously doesn’t understand how it would help him out. I have a statistic for you. How many sacks has Aaron Kampman had in base defense over the last two years? I believe the number is less than three. Most sacks come in sub which is nickel defense, we bring in the extra corner, the (offense) brings in a third receiver. The 3-4 is strictly a base defense. We go in sub, they’re a four-down team. Why would you not be excited about a defense switch where you’re going to have an opportunity with us bringing more guys to have more one-on-one matchups in base? … Yeah occasionally you’re going to be out covering, but why would you not be excited about more opportunities in base?

This type of garbage (i.e., telling Kampman that he "obviously doesn't understand the defense" then slamming his recent production) is not going to help. Rodgers has enough stuff to focus on, he doesn't need to interject himself in the Kampman situation. It is time for McCarthy to step in an tell Rodgers to shut the hell up and worry about playing quarterback.


  1. You can imagine what a relief the actual post was after reading the headline...

  2. Well there's few points about him "speaking out" on this subect. First of all what was the question that lead to this answer? If it was "How are you today?" it makes a big difference compared to "Why do you think Aaron is upset about the switch?" or "Do you think Kampman fully understands how the switch is going to effect him?" It does make a big difference IMO. I didnt hear the interview but I highly doubt his comment came completely out of leftfield. Second of all what he is saying is right. Kampman has had almost all of his sacks out of the sub packages in recent years and the new scheme in theory is designed specifically to put the OLBs in a position to have more one-on-one oppurtunities which he should be excited about although the apprehension is understandable. Third of all he's the quarterback and by default the leader of and spokesman for the team therefore he will be asked questions regarding the entire team. I dont think its really fair but it is now part of the responsibility of quarterbacks. Do you really expect him to ignore all questions that aren't directly about him and his quarterbacking?