Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hey, Whatever Happened to the Pro Football Prospectus?

I had a vitrolic post about this years Pro Football Prospectus---now called the "Football Outsiders Almanac." Long story short: it's a pain in the ass to buy, and either twice as expensive or 20 times as inconvenient.

Anyhow, it turns out the Football Outsiders folks have contract issues preventing the traditional publication.

So I forgive them just this once.

Aaron Schatz writes that if "this goes well, however, we might decide to do things like this every year."

They had better freaking not do anything like this ever again.

In 2007 I bought my book from Amazon Dot Com for $13.57 and I got free two day shipping. Last year, I think I bought my book from an actual store.

This year you have two options: pay $12 dollars and get a crappy PDF version that does not travel to the bathroom very well, or pay $22 plus shipping from the one authorized web seller of the hardcopy (which is apparently print to order).

I have no experience with the crappy website that sells the hardcopies and have no idea how quickly they ship, although they do "strive to ship Book Proofs within 5 business days after the order was placed." Let's see today is July 26. Five business days means the thing would be shipped out on on August 3rd. It would probably take another 4-5 days to arrive. I'm looking at August 7th or 8th before I get my copy.

So I paid the $12 because I wanted the stupid thing sooner.

I already regret my decision. I now own a 559 page PDF that I can only read on my computer screen. I'm a sucker.

To make things even more annoying, if you go the PDF route, you have to register with Football Outsiders and can only pay using Pay Pal.

If you buy your hardcover book (which I should have done) you have to register with the one website that actually sells the book. Then you wait.

What a fuster-cluck.


  1. Got the PDF the day it came out. Printed out the stuff I was interested in while at work. Brought those to the bathroom. ;)

    In all seriousness, I was shocked at how many times the word 'luck' appeared in the Packers' chapter...

  2. Get a Kindle. Take that to the bathroom.