Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The "Family Night" Bait and Switch

So fans shelled out 10 bucks a person to attend the "Family Night" scrimmage that did not happen due to bad weather. Are the Packers going to give them a break?

Murphy said fans would be provided free admission to the Packers Hall of Fame through August with a ticket stub from the scrimmage and the purchase of a Lambeau Field tour. A ticket to the Hall of Fame is $10, a stadium tour costs $11 and a combined ticket costs $19.

After some fans criticized the plan that forces them to return and buy something else in order to get something back, Murphy responded.

Now the team is offering fans who attended the scrimmage free admission to the Hall of Fame with the purchase of a stadium tour or by stating that the person already had paid for a tour in 2009. The offer stands for the rest of the season.

Wait. So fans bought a ticket to Family Night and instead received "free"---Mark Murphy apparently has no f-----g clue what the word "free" actually means---admission to the Packer Hall of Fame if they buy a Lambeau tour or if they lie and say that they did take a Lambeau tour in in the last six months.

But what about fans that have already been to the Packer HOF?

Screw them. I mean what have they ever done for the Packers?

Shouldn't the Packers just give a refund? Not according to Murphy because "We had all the expenses as if the scrimmage had been held."

Right. But fans also had the same expenses---10 dollars---as if the scrimmage was held. So someone has to eat the loss. Murphy would rather it be the suckers---or rather fans---that paid 10 bucks to come out and support their team and get an early glimpse of the 2009 season.

What are those jerks gonna do anyhow? Start cheering for the Bears?

Just because Packer fans are loyal doesn't mean you get to treat them like chumps.

Now Murphy's brilliant proposed marketing alliance with Favre is starting to come into focus. The plan was to put up billboards all across Wisconsin with Favre laughing and giving fans the finger.

I am the only one who misses Bob Harlan?

Lastly: if you bought a ticket to Family Night sell it to someone who wants to go to the Packer HOF. If you don't want to sell it: give it away.

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