Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Friendly Wager to Nagler

Aaron at CHTV casts himself as a voice in the wilderness regarding James Jones. He is one of the few that sees Jones for the creampuff that he is.

In fact, last night during Packer Transplants, Nagler predicted that Jones would be the Packers fourth receiver this year (behind Jennings, Driver, and Nelson).

There is only one way to settle this dispute: a poetry slam.

Well, that or a gentleman's wager. Therefore, I bet you Aaron Nagler FIVE American Dollars that James Jones finishes the season with more yards than Jordy Nelson.

Do you accept?

Total non sequitur---Jordy is the name of a famous rapping French baby. His most famous song was Dur Dur D'etre Baby (It's hard to be a baby):

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  1. Um, of course not because Jones is used downfield a hell of a lot more than Nelson. I'm a bad blogger and a horrible broadcast host, but I'm not stupid.