Tuesday, August 11, 2009

If You Can't Find Something Nice to Twitter, Don't Twitter Anything At All.

Earlier this summer the Packers came out with a Twitter policy for players. The team desperately needs to hammer out a Twitter policy for the front office as well. Nagler has the whole story at CHTV. In short, Packers PR Director Jeff Blumb wrote a couple Twitter posts---I will not call them tweets---I just won't---accusing Bedard or being played or bribed by Raji's agents.

Maybe Bedard is being played. Maybe not. For me, that is completely besides the point.

The Packers are a corporation valued at over a billion dollars. The team should not be disseminating information and launching accusations at reporters via Twitter snark-o-gram.

Completely bush league.

Not to mention completely contrary to company policy that "if it has to do with business or money or something of a proprietary nature, [its not] appropriate to talk about."

I bet Blumb feels like an ass this morning and wishes he could take the unbecoming Twitter posts back. Hopefully he learned the lesson to never Twitter angry.

The advice given to lawyers is that when a lawyer writes a letter while annoyed or angry at the other side to place the letter in a desk drawer and read it over again in the morning. The hope is that with a little more distance we can tone down any inflammatory portions and treat each other like professionals.

Of course that advice is easier to follow when you have to stuff a letter in an envelope and give it to Mr. Zip than it is with email and Twitter. The whole point of Twitter is to tell the world how you feel RIGHT THIS SECOND (Hey look: a bird!).

Nevertheless, Blumb is the Director of Public Relations. If he cannot behave with restraint and professionalism he needs a new line of work.

And I do hope he acts like the bigger man and apologizes to Bedard.

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