Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Jets Give the Packers Their Seventh Round Pick Back

The Jets have given the Packers their 7th round pick back, for confusing reasons. And the more Thompson tries to explain it, the more confusing it seems:

There were some future picks tied up that weren't in clear possession of the Jets based on the conditions of the trade," Thompson said.

(The conditions of the trade) seemed remote enough. The Jets needed a little bit more flexibility in case they wanted to use some future picks to trade. So since that seventh rounder was sort of a throwaway on the (Favre trade), we agreed to change some language in the trade papers in return for the seventh-round pick.

That's all there was to it. People do that from time to time; change some language of the trade."

What tha...?

I think what Thompson is saying is that there were some long shot possibilities that the Jets would owe the Packers some additional compensation based upon unlikely future events.

My guess is that based upon the language in the trade the Jets would owe the Packers more picks if Favre were to (for example) take the Jets to the playoffs in 2009. Technically, that could still happen if Favre were to re-sign with the Jets this season.

Seems pretty damn unlikely, but still possible. Nevertheless, the Jets would have a harder time trading that pick because it is technically tied up in a trade with the Packers.

Therefore the Jets asked the Packers to release or waive their future interest in the pick(s). To which Thompson asked "Be glad to. What's in it for us?"

What's interesting is that the trade took place over the draft weekend: before the Jets cut Favre so that he could contemplate re- unretiring.

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