Monday, August 17, 2009

Justin Harrell Thinks He Might Be Done

Well Justin Harrell thinks his career might be over. My fear is that if you think your career might be over, it probably is.

It's a shame. Here's a kid that has undergone two back surgeries and countless hours of rehab to put himself in a position to try a comeback. That takes dedication and heart. It's also a shame that so many Packer fans are too preoccupied being snarky to realize the dedication and heart that Harrell has demonstrated.

So before you go off on some expletive filled rant about Harrell, put yourself in his cleats for 30 seconds. Here's a 25 year old kid that very well might spend the rest of his life battling severe pain. Boy, that kind of sucks. And if you stop and think about it might even suck as much as your team wasting a first round draft pick.

And another thing. . .

I'm really freaking sick of the argument that Thompson shouldn't have drafted Harrell because of his "injury history." Harrell had a torn biceps. Now, its been 17 some years since I took anatomy and physiology, but I struggle---struggle---to see the connection between a torn biceps and a herniated disk.

Dismounting soapbox.


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  1. i'm glad you said it. my wife has a herniated disc, and will likely have her 2nd surgery soon to fuse the vertabrae together -- i don't wish that sort of pain on my worst enemy, and this guy is trying to play DE while dealing with this? and he weighs about 300lbs? a little compassion is well deserved.